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Francisco Havas

He loves swimming in the Ocean and to travel to beautiful and interesting places.

He is the President of Walpax and finds it very exciting to lead such a professional team to render the best available DMC services in Brazil to clients around the World!

Rachel Havas

Rachel lives life intensively, the beach is her source of energy to enjoy the nightlife and outdoor sports. Yoga brings her the balance and calm to see best of each situation.

Travel is more than a passion, is a need. It is the way to enrich the soul, understand cultures and differences, enjoy moments and make friends. To have the chance to deliver this experience to thousands of people every year is what takes her out of bed each morning. Understanding each client's need and letting out creativity to design the perfect Brazilian Experience for each one is her goal.

Candida Aquistapace
Account Manager

Programs with a twist of the unexpected are what makes her seek high and low for new and exciting things to do.

Her day to day life reflects her compromise with quality and inventiveness. She loves cats and devotes them all the care in the world.

Fatima Abreu
Project Manager

Loves to read and has a remarkable attention to details. She is never at a loss for new products and gimmicks with a sense of humor.

She is like a fountainhead of ideas and her programs reflect this a prolific imagination and a sense of perfection.

Vera Dias
Congresses and Meetings Manager

She loves to listen to music, read, go to the beach and enjoy the amazing nature that Brazil has to offer. Vera works hard to make the events and travel experiences of her clients something they will remember forever.

She also likes to meet new people. The adrenaline and positive energy flow through her work process and the best of all is the satisfaction after a well done work.

Lia Alpis
Group Department

Lia likes to travel, go out with her friends and taste some good craft beer, maybe during a musical concert or in one of the coolest bars in Rio.

What fascinates Lia is when she has the time to dedicate her self with body and soul to her incentive groups, to delivery a unique experience.

Tereza Heleney
Groups and Incentives

Tereza is truly a "carioca", she goes to the beach as often as she can, every opportunity is a good reason to travel, but, she likes the simple pleasures to, like go to the movies and watch documentaries.

What motivates Tereza is the eternal learning, in life and at work, she is always pursuing new challenges.

Itercia Pessanha
Senior Account Manager

She meets the challenge of putting together an exclusive programs with a touch of class with professionalism. A treasure chest of ideas become a one-of-a-kind itinerary for special clients.

Painting is her get away and biggest passion.

Ana Carolina
Account Manager
Enquires Department

Tradition and new things are two trends in her programs, the fun of presenting something new is like adding zest to gourmet dishes, or putting together Brazil’s many flavors.

Ana Carolina has a curious mind and a rich repertoire of ideas.

Matheus Borges
Operations Department

A trainee learning the secrets of the inbound business with the best mentors that the market has to offer.

He likes to read and talk to colleagues and friends.

Monique Maciel
Operations Department

Monique loves dogs, stroll around Rio de Janeiro and if possible, walk her dog "Princesa" around Rio is even better. When it´s possible she likes to travel around Brazil, to know even more of this amazing country.

What motivates Monique is to choose the best receptive services, like guides and transportation, so our clients can enjoy only the best of the best and match their expectations. For her innovation is key.

Paula Costa
FIT Operations Department

Being surrounded by her family and friends is one of Paula's favorite things. For her, taking a ride on a bike is also a great way to enjoy the weekend.

Paula puts her heart in each program that she prepares, because she believe that her work help clients to create unique memories and emotions.

Karine Annechino
Operations Department

Karine loves to practice scuba diving, travel and stay close to her friends and family.

What motivates her is the constant seek for knowledge and innovation, she looks forward to always bringing something new, unexpected experiences to her clients.

Danielle Pacheco
Sales Assistant

She feeds and updates our software system with firm hands and a keen eye.

On weekends, her batteries are recharged at the movies.

William Mayer
Design & Marketing

"Will" as most people call him, is a designer, who loves visual arts, in his free time he is always looking for something to create, little movies, portraits, illustration.

He enjoys travelling abroad when he has the chance. His motivation is to deliver the best visual product possible, always running against time to deliver high quality presentations. Looking for the best way to translate Brazil through stunning images.

Agata Francisco
Administration Assistant

In her free time she likes to dance, bake, watch movies and practice muay thai.

She loves to see the end result of her efforts and be sure that she helped, even in the littlest, to achieve the goal.