Brazil City Break



Sao Paulob is one of the fastest growing cities. With a population of around 10 million and an area of 1500 square km (3 times the size of Paris) it is the largest city in South American and the largest industrial center on the continent. A cosmopolitan metropolis such as few in the world, with an enviable artistic-cultural agenda, an excellent hotel infrastructure, plus services and transport, which makes everything possible. Organizing an event in São Paulo, of whatever type or magnitude, is synonymous with success. Each year, about 10 million visitors come to the city boost their businesses or narrow their professional contacts, shop at the commercial centers or at shopping malls, indulge in rich and varied gastronomic fare, and enjoy the cultural life which is up to date with what’s going on the world.



Arrival transfer accompanied by a local bilingual guide to your hotel in Sao Paulo. Local guide will be waiting for you right at the exit of the Luggage Claim Area. Overnight at hotel



Half Day city tour - A tour through the city, visiting the residential areas of Higienópolis with its 1950’s apartment buildings; Pacaembu Soccer Stadium; School of Medicine and Hospital das Clínicas complex; Campus of the University of São Paulo. A sweeping view of the city and a photographer’s favorite spot - the Morumbi hill. A view of São Paulo’s Jockey Club and the unfolding of the city to the limits of the Paulista Avenue ridge. Tour will continue passing by the State Government Palace, Albert Einstein Hospital and the São Paulo Futebol Clube soccer stadium, moving on to Jardim Europa residential district. Tour will continue passing by Ibirapuera Park with beautiful gardens and lakes. At the entrance to the park, visitors will admire São Paulo’s postcard monument - Bandeirantes, homage to the first settlers. This monument was sculpted on site by Victor Brecheret in the late 40’s / 50’s. To the left of this monument the Chamber of Deputies building. An integral part of the park - the obelisk - monument to the Constitutionalist Revolution Soldier, a mausoleum in memory of the republicans that were killed in the 1932 revolution. Also, part of the park, Planetarium and the Contemporary Art Museum and the São Paulo Biannual Art Exposition site. Tour will move on to the Oriental District - where the Japanese have their commerce, being close to São Paulo’s Cathedral. Tour will close passing by the Anhangabaú Valley - downtown bustling São Paulo. Lunch not included. Overnight at hotel



Transfer accompanied by the local guide, from the hotel to the airport for a flight to your next destination in Brazil.

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