Brazilian Beaches



Detailed itinerary
Natal: Capital of the Rio Grande do Norte state, known as the City of the Sun. Located in the easternmost point of the continent, Natal has a gentle breeze that blows from the ocean and white sands beaches lined with palms and natural swimming-pools because of the reef barriers. Highlights of a visit to Natal are Reis Magos Fortress, built by the Portuguese in 1598 and Natal’s first building; Centro de Turismo (Tourism Center) a 19th Century neo-classical building that houses today a handicraft center and art gallery; Rosario Church built in 1714. Natal is famous for its beaches and moving dunes: a few names: Praia do Meio, Praia dos Artstas, Praia de Areia Preta, Praia de Ponta Negra. To the south: Cotovelo, Piranji do Norte, Piranji do Sul, Búzios, Barra de Tabatinga, Barreta and Pipa. To the north: Redinha, Redinha Nova, Santa Rita, Genipabu, Pitangui, Jacumã, Muriú, Barra de Maxanranguape and Praia de Touros.

Pipa Beach : Pipa is the most famous beach on the north coast of Brazil for its crystal-clear waters overlooked bycliffs. It is the surfer’s favorite spot due to its waves beyond the reefs and nice temperature all year-round. In this huge Ecological Sanctuary, you will discover a great new range of animals and plants while you breathe the cleanest air of the whole American Continent



Arrival in Natal and transfer to your hotel. In the afternoon, Tour will visit Natal’s main tourist attractions: Reis Magos Fort - a Portuguese fort built in1598 planted at the entrance of the bay; Via Costeira - seaboard road that runs south; downtown Natal; Artistas beach, Ponta Negra, Handicrafts Center for shopping, returning to the hotel.



Day at leisure to relax and enjoy the beach and surroundings.



Today you will know the north beaches of Natal by buggy. A full day tour of the beaches of Genipabu, Barra do Rio, Graçandu, Pitangi, Jacumã and Porto Mirim, until we reach Muriú. Along the way, we stop at the famous sand dunes, where guests will take part in the most exciting part of the tour, the buggy ride through the dunes. We will make stops along the way at three large natural lagoons who are formed by small rivers in between the dunes. We will take time to dip in the refreshing waters as well as enjoy the local bar and leisure area, where guests can partake in "rearend-skiing" (seated sand skiing). Lunch is not included Approximate Duration: 8 hours


Natal / Praia de Pipa

Depart from Natal at 8:00 a.m. to Pipa Beach considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Brazil. On the way to Pipa we will visit the biggest cashew tree in the world, located at the Pirangi beach. The next stop is at the dolphin’s belvedere of Tabatinga beach, where they hunt at the high tide. Going through Nisia Floresta Village we will admire a huge baobá (an African tree brought by the slaves in the last century). Then we proceed to Tibáu do Sul. After that we will visit the Pipa Ecological Sanctuary, an area where the Mata Atlântica ( coastal rain forest ) covers ancient coastal dunes. During the short hike through the Sanctuary we will be able to enjoy seeing the native flora and fauna - including the dolphins and turtles in the bay. After a picnic lunch, we will go down to Ponta do Madeiro beach to swim with the dolphins and relax on the white sands of this pristine place. Tour will follow to the charming Pipa Village and the surfer’s Amor Beach. Arrival at hotel and accommodation.

DAY 5 & 6

Praia de Pipa

Days at leisure.


Praia de Pipa / Natal

Transfer to Natal airport for your flight.

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