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Iguassu Falls: Long before the Spanish explorer Don Alvar Nuñes reached South America’s greatest waterfall in 1541, the local indians had named it Iguaçu - meaning great waters. There is no more fitting description, as thousands of visitors to Iguassú each year will testify. Once seen, the falls - all 275 of them - are never forgotten. The two-mile wide curtain of water crashing 300ft over a series of precipices into a spray-filled gorge constitutes the most spectacular sight of southern Brazil and probably the whole of South America.


Iguassu Falls / Bird Park

Iguassu National Park is natural wonder of tropical nature, vistas, and 275 thundering cascades. Transfer your hotel.
Overnight in Iguassu Falls (B)


Iguassu Falls / Brazilian and Argentinean Falls & Macuco Boat

The day starts with an escorted walking tour on the Brazilian side to strategic overlooks at a variety of levels. Trail winds towards the falls from the area in front of the hotel, populated by contis, long-tailed racoon-like creatures with a well-developed sense of tourists’ feeding habits. At its end, an elevator provides speedier access to a viewing platform at the foot of the falls. Optional Tour : Macuco Trail in the Iguaçu National Park. Jeeps are the best form of transport in this rain forest because the road is unpaved but accessible year round. On this trip, passengers will get to know several different species of sub-tropical plants and trees, including orchids and the heart-of-palm, which grows in abundance at the park. With luck, animals and some of the beautiful birds of the region may be sighted. After a 3-km jeep ride, a 600-meter walking trek passing by the picturesque Macuco Falls, hidden in the forested canyon. The trail brings one to the banks of the Iguaçu River, where passengers will board a twin-engine boat (seating capacity: 25), specially designed for this river’s sailing conditions. Cruise up into the Iguassu Canyon, shooting several rapids and arrive at the very base of the majestic waterfalls. As the experienced pilot maneuvers in the midst of the falls themselves, passengers will have a completely different view and experience a thrill never forgotten.

We will continue to the Argentinean side of falls. After a short drive and a quick customs check, crossing of the Tancredo Neves Bridge, over the Iguassu River, which forms the border between Argentina and Brazil. Once in Argentina, tour takes a scenic highway up to the Argentine Iguazu Park.

To visit the Devil’s Throat we will take a electric train for a visit through the park with 2 stops until the trail where the walking tour begins to the visit the upper walkways which allows a different and more intimate contact with the falls and the rainforest.. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the suspended platform at the very brink of the abysmal Devil’s Throat – largest of the waterfalls. Return always by train to visit the upper Argentinean falls, including the San Martin Falls. if weather and time allows, a brief stop at the 3 Borders point, where Paraná and Iguassu Rivers as well as the borders or Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay encounter. After this visit transfer back to the hotel. Overnight in Iguassu Falls (B, L)


Iguassu Falls

After a morning at leisure, transfer to the airport for your overnight flight back home. (B)

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