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This park consists of high plateaus sculpted by erosion over millions of years into canyons and rocky cliffs that soar from 400 to 1.200 meters (1.300 to 4.000 feet). The region was once a flourishing gold-rush area. The park's attractions are limestone and quartzite caves. Typical grassland with sparsely distributed trees, scarcely permeable soil and with a several month-long dry season. The plants have small, leathery leaves and subterranean organs, which may be tuberous, fleshy, or woody.

Lençois a small village of XIX century, located in the Diamantina Plateau, appeared of the diamonds prospects, in a rich and exotic region of fauna and flora. Located 400 km (250mi.) west of Salvador, Lençóis is the starting point for a visit to the Chapada Diamantina National Park, founded in 1985, with 152,000 hectares (375.440 acres).



Arrival at Lençóis, road transfer to pousada (approx 6 hours – IMPORTANT : on Saturdays there is a flight from Salvador Lencois – it can be provide without additional charge). Arrive for lunch. In the afternoon visit to the local museum with photos from the diamonds period and the ruins of the old village. Dinner. Overnight at pousada Pedras do Igatu. (L, D)



After breakfast, we leave to Poço Azul (Blue Pool). It has a wooden platform for an easy access to the pool. We will stop to view the changes of the colors due to the movement of the sun. We will have the opportunity to swim. Lunch on spot.

On the way back to Lençóis, stop, we will to walk-up to Pai Inácio Hill (Father Ignacio’s Hill). This regal mountain stands by the BR-242 road and a short 15min drive leaving tour members at the bottom of the trail that leads to the top at 1240mt high. The effort put to go up this hill is well worth it! The Morro do Pai Inácio commands an unequalled view of the Chapada with a series of “meseta” type of mountains, flat at the top and a trademark of Chapada Diamantina. As the sun sets, the scenery changes by the minute and one can point a number of beautiful places, now in the shadow or with the slanted light of sun. At the top of these mountains grow plants and flowers exposed to a very windy environment every day of the year. Return to Lencois Overnight at Canto das Aguas (B, L, D)



Full day to explore the Ribeirão do Meio Waterfall by foot. Ribeirão do Meio is 3.5 km from the city of Lençóis, where you can enjoy a natural slide and some of the natural swimming pool. Lunch box included. Overnight at Canto das Aguas (B, Lunch Box)



After breakfast, private road transfer back to Salvador (B).

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A ghost town... miners abandoned this once prosperous town when the diamond veins dried up. Xique-xique de Igatú, or simply Igatú, is a village of around 400 inhabitants, but in the peak of the diamond era by the end of last century it had over 9000. The attractions are the ruins of the old rock houses, some of which were still in use some decades ago. Nowadays adobe or wattle and daub houses prevail

Pai Inácio Hill
The treeking to its top takes about 15min, at 1240m of altitude. From there you’ll have some of the most spectacular views of Chapada, with a series of flat mountains that are so characteristic of this landscape. The end of the day light enhances the beauty of the relief even more. The sunset seen from there is a must!

Capão Valley
Perhaps the most beautiful valley in the Chapada Diamantina National Park. The trek through the Capão Valley takes 3 days/2 nights and gets to the bottom of the Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall). You’ll walk through the jungle and camp along the river on one of the most spectacular ecologic adventures in the region.

Buracão Wayerfall
The biggest and probably the most beautiful waterfall of Chapada. The gateway to this wonder of nature is the town of Mucugê, in the south of the Park. 80km from Mucugê is the entrance of the farm where is located the Canyon of Buracão, a deep and narrow valley, surrounded by stonewalls and beautiful vegetation. After 1,5 hour of tracking and smaller falls, we reach the bottom of the valley. The first image is the wonderful the Enchanted Falls, which waters comes out from the stonewalls and disappear when touch the ground. But the best is reserved to the end. After swimming 100m back the river we achieve the Buracão Falls, a natural pool under a strong waterfall 96m high. All this effort is justified when you see this magic place.

CAVES - The underground of the Chapada Diamantina is as fascinating as the surface. The caves of the potholding or Speleological Park of the Iraquara, close to the town of Palmeiras, make one of the most important subterranean nets of Brazil. The most visited caves are the Lapão, Lapa Doce, the Azul, the Torrinha, the Buraco do Cão and the Pratinha.

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