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Detailed itinerary
This little fishing-village-turned-seaside-resort 200 km up the coast from downtown Rio de Janeiro, is tailor-made for a getaway in style, something that is mostly missing from the tourism options around Rio. Now that Búzios has been built up with shops, restaurants and inns, the place has most of the comforts of Rio. The charm of Búzios lies in its good beaches and the fact that the little town probably has the highest ratio of restaurants-to-inhabitants of any place in Brazil, if not the world. The way to “do” Búzios is to take a room in one of the several dozen pousadas / hostels. Many of these pousadas are run or were founded by Europeans who found in Búzios an uncanny resemblance to the south coast of Portugal, Spain and France. A typical Búzios day begins around mid-morning. After a hearty breakfast - off to the beach - a choice from the popular ones such as Geribá, Ferradura or Ossos, where one will be able to buy beach side drinks, fried shrimp and oyster from venders and rent water equipment like lasers windsurf boards, kayaks or jet ski.
More deserted beaches are Tartaruga, Brava, João Fernandes and Forno. At night, an almost unlimited choice of eateries and a dozen good restaurants serve up fine dining. After dinner, bars with all types of entertainment and the after-dinner promenade in the little town center (foursquare blocks) are the most popular entertainment in the evening.


Rio de Janeiro / Buzios

Transfer from the airport or hotel in Rio to your hotel in Buzios.
Passengers will be met at the arrival gate or at hotel in Rio and will be transferred to Buzios (approx 3 hours).
Overnight at hotel



Breakfast at the hotel HD Schooner Cruise - SIB (for superior and standard packages only)
Tour through 12 beaches and three islands with stops for diving and plenty of time to enjoy the clear waters of Buzios: Armação, Ossos, Azeda, Azedinha, João Fernandes, J. Fernandinho, Branca Island, Feia Island (and beach), Tartaruga, Tartaruguinha, Virgens, Amores, Canto, Caboclo Island. Do not include pick up at the hotels, travelers must go to the pier – Armação Beach- to take the tour. Overnight at your hotel



Breakfast at the hotel

Trolley tour - SIB (for superior and standard packages only)
An open air-trolley, a truck totally adapted, will take the visitors to an unforgettable ride along the wonderful beaches of crystal water and mountains of Buzios. A guide accompanies you along the trip explains the historical and geographical sites of this picturesque fishing village on the Costa del Sol that was "discovered" by Brigitte Bardot in the '60's. The Trolley is completely open providing a view without "frames" and you can fell the smell of the sea, the pure air, the wind and everything you need to have a feeling of real contemplation of the most beautiful and hardly ever visited places in Búzios. Duration: 1h30

Overnight at your hotel



Transfer from the hotel to the airport or hotel in Rio (approx 3 hours).

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