Amazon Lodges

Amazon Lodges

There are three main ways to experience the Amazon: staying in forest lodges, cruising on the Amazon Rivers, and by hotel stays in the City of Manaus with day tours outside the city. We recommend lodges or cruises. Please consider including in any itinerary a hotel stay in Manaus the first night prior to any activities outside of the city. Depending on the flight schedule, a night following an activity may also be recommended. We do not recommend that travelers go straight to a lodge or a cruise immediately on arrival in Manaus.With the risk of a flight delay, in order to avoid disappointment, it is best to schedule a hotel night in Manaus on arrival. Lodges: Generally lodges have more space and a greater turn over of guests on a daily basis. The tours included are usually limited to the area close to the lodges themselves. For some lodges the transfers from Manaus can be road or boat journeys. Although lodge packages are daily with no fixed days, the transfers from Manaus have specific morning or afternoon departures unless a private transfer is arranged. More recommended for families.



Amazon Ecopark

Located in the midst of lush jungle, just half an hour by boat from Manau. It is located at the Taru...

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Anavilhanas Jungle lodge is the first Style Hotel in the Amazon Forest. Built on suspended wooden st...

Mirante do Gavião Amazon Lodge

Who lives in the Great Amazon Plain feel the absence of local highlands to observe the vastness of t...

Amazon Village Jungle Lodge

The Amazon Village is located 30 km (18.75 miles) Manaus, on the banks of Puraquequara Lake, upstrea...

Uakari Lodge

The Uakari Floating Lodge is located inside the Mamiraua Reserve and concentrates ecotourism activit...

Juma Lodge

The Juma is located at 100 km of Manaus, approximately 3 hours by boat, it was built in Terra-firme...


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