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Brazil is a multi faceted destination and a successful program is a challenge to be met by few. To make it a reality, you need a coordinated local organization, who will address to all your needs. As well tuned as an orchestra, the Walpax experts have an in-depth knowledge of its destination and will orchestrate in Brazil all your program’s needs. Walpax – a benchmark DMC for Brazil.

WALPAX - Your Office in Brazil

Establishing Commercial Offices abroad shows WALPAX’s commitment to service, readily accessible to our customers.

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WALPAX’s Commercial Offices on-site are a practical way of turning marketing strategies into business. A proposal is delivered within hours of a request and should your client need, a presentation made by a professional will be arranged. Fast and accurate answers are cost effective.

WALPAX’s Commercial Offices abroad are kept updated by a continuous exchange of information, trade publications and books that are sent every week.

A continuous feedback from our Commercial Offices, in contact with our customers, allow us to advance planning; coordinated marketing research and seek business opportunities in all segments of the tourist market, thus enhancing Brazil's appeal for tourism.